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An Overview Of Our Mice Pest Control Services

What are the clear signs of a Mouse infestation?

Mice are difficult to physically locate because they are nocturnal and crepuscular (active between dawn and dusk). There are a few signs, nevertheless, that could indicate rodent activity and the need for assistance. These could include:

One mouse can produce between 50 and 60 droppings per night. These can be spread out over a wide area, but a pronounced concentration may indicate a spot of vigorous activity.

Noises: Despite their small size, mice can be heard moving around the house and scratching. This is normal if your infestation is in the loft and may be heard through the ceiling. The House Mouse, who enjoys warm weather, is considerably more likely to be the cause of any disturbances you may hear.

Damage: Mice need to chew and bite on things all the time to keep their teeth from getting too long. They have been seen nibbling on cables, wires, wood, and plastic because they don’t care what is used to make these things.

Smell: In areas with a high population density, mice can be recognised by their ammonia-like odour. However, this is comparable to rats, and an expert in Aldershot pest control may help you identify the exact pest you have.

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Problems associated with Mice

Leptospriosis: This disease, caused by the bacteria leptospira, can cause flu-like symptoms in its mildest form. It can be spread to people through tainted food, water, or soil. It is important to stress that mice cannot transmit Weil’s disease, the more severe form of this ailment.

Aspectic meningitis, encephalitis, or meningoencephalitis can all be brought on by the lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV). Any contact with mouse saliva, faeces, or urine puts you at risk for contracting this illness. Most likely to contract this are pregnant women.

Salmonella is a contagious illness that is usually carried by mice and which can infect humans and any domesticated animal by contact with faeces, contaminated food, or infected surfaces. Due to this, pets may pass away as well as cause gastroenteritis in humans.

Musophobia: When they see a mouse in their home, place of business, or place of employment, some people are immediately repulsed. This could even lead to depression, stress, and other anxiety problems.

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How to get rid of Mice?

If you have a rodent infestation, quick treatment is crucial. Due to the three week gestation period, even the tiniest mouse issue could quickly become into a significant one, increasing the risk of your health as well as the overall cost of treatment. Aldershot Pest Control can help assit. 

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Client Testimonials

“Gareth was excellent; he arrived the same day, was knowledgeable and professional, and the task was completed quickly and efficiently.”
“10/10 would recommend! We had a wasp nest that had been a problem for a couple of weeks. We decided to contact Aldershot Pest Control and they were so helpful.”
“When Gareth gave us advice on a mouse issue we were having, I felt in the best possible hands because of his outstanding efficiency and knowledge.”

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