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An Overview Of Our Rat Pest Control Services

rat pest control

What are the clear signs of a Rat infestation?

Rats are nocturnal and crepuscular (active between dawn and twilight) animals, making them difficult to notice. There are a few signs, nevertheless, that could indicate rat activity and the need for help. These could include:

The most obvious sign of a rat problem is rat droppings, as an average rat can produce up to 40 fresh droppings every day. They frequently taper and are the same length as a £1 coin.
Rats produce a unique, repulsive odour both while they are alive and after they have passed away. Because a dead rat smells significantly worse and can linger for up to 10 days without being eliminated, it is simpler to spot a live rat in a small space like a loft.

Because they are creatures of habit, rats frequently walk the same path. An infestation in a garden may be indicated by wear on the grass. Without the proper treatment, this problem will only become worse.

Nests: Rats seek out warm, secretive, dark areas to establish their nests in. Rats have up to six breeding cycles annually, and the average litter can have well over seven young. Common hiding locations include the loft, below floors, behind bathroom panels, or even below garden decking.

Problems associated with Rats

Leptospirosis, also referred to as Weil’s illness is a bacterial infection that, in its mildest form, can cause flu-like symptoms. It can be spread to people by polluted water or soil. The more hazardous and highly rare variety of this bacterium may result in deadly consequences.

Salmonella: The disease salmonellosis, which can be transmitted by people and any domestic pets through contact with animal waste and infected food, is usually carried by rats. This can cause gastroenteritis and result in the death of both humans and animals.

Rat-bite Fever can be transmitted by touching urine or secretions from an infected rat’s nose, mouth, or eye, as the name of the condition suggests, but it is most usually brought on by being bitten by a rodent. The symptoms include fever and chills.

Musophobia: When a rodent is seen at a person’s home, place of business, or place of employment, some people feel a tremendous revulsion. This could even lead to depression, stress, and other anxiety problems.

rat pest control

How to get rid of Rats?

Rapid rat control treatment is essential if you have a rodent infestation. Due to the gestation period of three weeks, even the smallest problem could develop into a major one very fast, raising the risk to your health as well as the overall cost of therapy.

To help you solve your rat problem, Aldershot Pest Control can offer a secure pest management call out service.

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“10/10 would recommend! We had a wasp nest that had been a problem for a couple of weeks. We decided to contact Aldershot Pest Control and they were so helpful.”
“When Gareth gave us advice on a mouse issue we were having, I felt in the best possible hands because of his outstanding efficiency and knowledge.”

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