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An Overview Of Our Squirrel Pest Control Services

What are the clear signs of a Grey Squirrel infestation?

Noise: The most audible indications of a squirrel infestation are scratching and scurrying in the loft, which is why the animal is occasionally mistaken for rats. Internal Damage: If you look into the noise in the loft, you might find internal damage from the animal’s constant gnawing on various objects where it tried to gather nesting materials.
Drays: Squirrels build twig and leaf nests they refer to as “drays” in the forks of trees. Breeding grounds and safe havens are provided by the drays.
External harm: Squirrels frequently tear tree bark, which provides obvious visible proof.

How to get rid of Grey Squirrels?

Although some people find these animals cute, the damage that they can cause property and trees can justify control methods. These include:

  • Drey poking and shooting
  • Spring Traps
  • Live Capture Traps – under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, Grey Squirrel cannot be release back into the wild
  • Poison Baiting
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