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An Overview Of Our Wasp Pest Control Services

What are the clear signs of a Wasp infestation?

If a wasp occasionally visits your home, it is a rare event and readily fixed. Wasps may indicate the presence of a nest nearby if they appear more regularly and fly in the same general area.

Problems associated with Wasps

Wasp stings, which they are more than willing to administer, are unquestionably their most dangerous characteristic. Because it hurts, a wasp could decide to sting a victim multiple times. Because a wasp can be easily attracted by the scent of perfume or sweet foods, women and children should take extra measures.

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How to get rid of Wasps?

It is crucial that you avoid using any DIY remedies if you suspect you have a wasp infestation. Wasps are fiercely defensive insects that can swarm when they detect a threat. A sturdy nest can contain up to 6000 wasps.

To address your wasp nest issue, Aldershot Pest Control provides a timely call out service.


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Client Testimonials

“Gareth was excellent; he arrived the same day, was knowledgeable and professional, and the task was completed quickly and efficiently.”
“10/10 would recommend! We had a wasp nest that had been a problem for a couple of weeks. We decided to contact Aldershot Pest Control and they were so helpful.”
“When Gareth gave us advice on a mouse issue we were having, I felt in the best possible hands because of his outstanding efficiency and knowledge.”

Areas we operate

Our clients in these areas receive thorough and knowledgeable assistance from us. Our offerings include integrated pest management plans, clearance and control initiatives, riddance initiatives, and pest awareness training. Please inquire with us if you’re unclear if we manage a specific pest problem because we probably do. We are available to help you!

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